Environmental Policy

The way we treat and view the environment heavily impacts the way we live and work, therefore we feel it’s important to share the responsibility of sustaining our planet.

We have made it our mission to source and offer products in an environmentally conscious way. The key areas below, illustrate the controls we’ve implemented to ensure not only that our end products have minimal impact to the environment, but also the way we operate.

All our stock is FSC® certified paper s
FSC® certified paper uses wood pulp which is sourced in an environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner from a well-managed forest.
As well as helping to improve the environmental impact of our work, these paper stocks provide a higher quality print. These paper stocks contain less imperfections so are brighter and smoother, providing a more vibrant colour reproduction.

We are proud to say we only print with eco-friendly inks, which contain sustainable vegetable oil instead of mineral oil, and do not compromise the quality of our work.

We are committed to continuous improvement and the prevention of pollution, as a registered waste carrier we ensure all waste is disposed of adequately, recycling and exceeding our customer’s expectations wherever possible.